Lantern procession


The Candlelit Dartmouth lantern procession is the climax of the weekend event and takes place early on Saturday evening. It is a beautiful and atmospheric sight around the old streets of the town, with children and families parading their lanterns and musicians and entertainers adding to the spectacle.



Lantern-bearers, musicians, entertainers and anyone else who wants to join the procession will begin to assemble in the Old Market from around 5.00pm.

At 5.30pm sharp the procession will depart and begin the parade through the town. The procession route will be:

Market Street up to Broadstone

(Large lanterns down Market Street along Duke Street)

(Small lanterns down Foss Street)

Cross into Anzac Street

Smith Street

Fairfax Place

Fairfax Road to the Quay(B3205)

On to the Flavel

Finish big lanterns in front of Flavel Centre

Small ones into Royal Avenue Gardens

The lantern procession will arrive in Royal Avenue Gardens around 6pm creating a party atmosphere and live music on the Bandstand will provide the opportunity for a bit of a boogie during the final hour of Candlelit Dartmouth 2018!